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Gerry Lane vs The Zombies

World War Z Poster

World War Z turns out to be much more of a movie that initial expectations. To be honest, any movie which comes out of the Hollywood bandwagon that is even remotely not based on some true story or therein, seems to be based on the single formula, “Bigger, Louder and well, more time spent at the VFX table.” But surprisingly, World War Z gives us more than that though being a zombie movie.

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Warm Bloody Stuff


The protagonist is R, a zombie, who might have something to look forward to since he exhibits flickering signs of revival. How you might ask? Well, he listens to Sinatra (God bless his soul), and talks in thoughtful sentences or rather pieced together words. Marion lets us live his character and we soon understand that all he needs is a tiny spark which might break the monotony of being a zombie. And wonder of wonders. The spark does come into his life, err…his existence, in the form of a girl, Julie. Slowly but surely, R begins to experience tiny emotions that is uncharacteristic of zombies. He understands the importance of Julie in his life and decides to escape with her to some place where they would not be living in perpetual fear. The dream of finding an answer to all the chaos and anarchy in the world soon becomes a distant possibility.

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