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Aloha people! We have guest blogger June Biswas from the I want it all fame reviewing the movie VHS for us.


Found footage style films don’t really appeal to me much but VHS proved to be quite an exception. To love horror movies is to live a life searching for a fix like your first highs and rarely getting it. Thankfully V/H/S sorted that problem out for me.

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28 Hotel Rooms

28 hotel rooms

Matt Ross’s first feature film, 28 Hotel Rooms was screened at the Sundance Festival in 2012. It is an impressive first venture starring Chris Messina and Marin Ireland that ventures into their clandestine affair over what seems like a decade, give or take a couple of years. Throughout, the protagonists remain nameless and play along the changing faces of their relationship. Based in New York, the movie shifts from one hotel room to the other focusing on maintaining dark and dull visual appeal throughout.
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