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Daniel Glatteaur is back and the best part is that it’s a sequel to his previous offering “Love Virtually.” Well, how many of us have really waited for him to come up with this one? I was, for sure. The sequel is titled “Every Seventh Wave”. Like the first book, this one is also a series of email conversations between the protagonists, Leo and Emmi. These emails are often like chat messages – short and very lively. This makes the conversations quick and thereby, the book is pretty fast-paced. The plot moves quickly yet smoothly and makes up to be a very interesting read.

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Love Virtually

The book Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer is one of the most interesting and unputdownable pieces of romance ever written. It has a perfect tagline – “Have you ever just clicked with someone?” The plot revolves around the lives of two central characters – Leo and Emmi. Leo and Emmi get to know each other through one wrong email and then a series of emails follow. The book is nothing but a compilation of their emails. It doesn’t have any other settings to enhance and ensure that the plot moves. All of it is through their emails. And that in my opinion, is the charm of the book. It sure takes a really good writer to be able to make the readers emote and connect with the story as well as Daniel does, and all through email conversations.

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