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Found footage horror movies have been done to death in recent years and it was only a while before someone went out and made a parody of it. ‘A Haunted House’ is exactly that and with less than impressive results. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are moments in the movie which are destined to make you laugh till your guts spill out but the number of such moments is too less and in-between. The effort is helmed by Marlon Wayans who has co-written the script as well acted in it. Given his prior experience with the Scary Movie franchise and the Dance Flick movies, perhaps one would expect a little better than what he has come up with but that’s my two-bit!

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Revealing the B***S**T


Silent Hill Revelation is another shot at making a long-awaited decent video-game-to-movie switchover and does it succeed? Well, if you are still asking me this question, then my dear Ladies and Gentlemen, you need to pay a whole lot more attention to the title of this post. I haven’t been more angry and irritated at anything since the time in seventh grade when my girlfriend ditched me for the school jock! Well, anyway, getting back to matters at hand, the movie Silent Hill Revelation is a disaster waiting to be torn down and kicked and shoved in the face before letting it burn to death slowly.
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