the afterparty
The Afterparty is a good example of a book which I ended up liking after I started reading it more and more. It traces the lives of four people over the span of one birthday night. The first is of course the protagonist – Hugo Marks – the actor whose birthday provides the opportunity for everyone to get into the mess they did. Then we have Melody who is his supermodel wife. Thirdly, we have the young pop-star boyfriend of Melody – Calvin Vance and finally Michael Kight – a journalist who’s attending the party reluctantly after being given a colleague’s invitation. The plot, however, revolves around William Mendez’ emails to an agent, Valerie Morrell, alternated with chapters about the entire happenings of this one evening. However, Mendez does not want to reveal his identity and so they decide to get hold of a columnist named Leo Benedictus to portray as the writer.

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