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Disgrace is a Booker Prize winning novel by J.M. Coetzee. It is the story of David Lurie and his one escapade that turned his life around. David is an almost fifty, twice-divorced university professor. He is claimed to be a womanizer who seduces one of his students, Melanie. He teaches romantic poetry at a University in Capetown, South Africa. To highlight his character as a womanizer, the writer makes references to his occasional flings with women and his regularity at this one brothel for a period of time. David is shown to be in a very lustful and carnal affair with his student, Melanie. However, it is not until long that his clandestine affair blows up in the public eyes. He pleads guilty, accepts responsibility but is then almost forced to leave his job.

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Sense of an Ending

In the initial pages of the book, in reply to a teacher’s question of “What is history?”, Tony Webster replies, “History is the lies of the victor” while his brilliant friend Adrian Finn says, “History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of the mind meet the inadequacies of definition.” This sets the tone for the book to follow in its wake.

Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize winning novel, “A Sense of an Ending” is the story of Tony Webster and his friend Adrian Finn. We see the characters through the eyes of Tony who is now a 60-year-old aging man, recounting the lost memories of his youth. He constructs a memory in the wake of his fading mind and is not entirely surprised to find what he remembers and what actually happened have two different connotations.
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