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The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

A Zahir is someone with whom you get in contact and then gradually, they occupy all of your thoughts. The book is about a bestselling novelist from France and the search for his war-correspondent wife. The protagonist has a blessed life with money, fame and celebrity-hood until his wife of ten years disappears with her friend. Was he her lover or not? Was she kidnapped? Was she murdered? Or did she make a conscious decision to leave our protagonist? Many such questions lurk and overpower our narrator. He is unsure of how to go about searching his wife. At a point of time, he even wonders if he really wants to find her. He is even suspected of foul play by the authorities and thinks that the press may have a role to play in the inexplicable disappearance of his wife. Amidst all this confusion, he meets Mikhail – the friend or lover of his wife. Mikhail promises to help him find his wife.  Our protagonist of course realizes that to find his wife, he needs to find himself first. And thus starts the journey of our protagonist – something that is very inherent in all of Paulo Coelho’s novels. The search to find something, or someone, primarily oneself has been the central theme of many a Coelho’s book.
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When I think about love, a song comes to my mind, a song by Mickey and Sylvia which I recently heard on the tube, Love. As they put it, love is strange. It has always been a strange emotion but as we get older and supposedly wiser, it seems to get stranger. With the fact that our lives are mortal and we are all subject to the thing called death, the incident in life when we are unable to continue on with it, no matter how much we would want to, yes, that thing called death and with the planting of this idea in our mind, we begin to regard love with an impatient ear.
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