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Anita Nair

Anita Nair is a popular English writer from India. Her first book was a collection of short stories and called “Satyr of the Subway.” She won a fellowship from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts thanks to this. Based out of Bangalore, she is also the author of 16 novels until now. Her latest book is Cut like wound and is published by Harper Collins. Well, we at The Book and Movie Reviewra had a short discussion with her and here it is!

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Imperial Bedrooms

Imperial Bedrooms starts with a mention of its prequel, Less than Zero by Brett Easton Ellis. It is an observational account of life of the central characters from the previous novel – Blair, Julian and Trent from Clay’s perspective. This is Ellis’s seventh novel and is more relevant to the 21st century surroundings and its impact on human relationships. It looks apparent that Ellis has been obsessed to re-create his characters from Less than Zero in a different light and explore relationships from a more convoluted manner than before. Through multiple cases of story-telling about oneself and others around him, Ellis threads the conscious and the imaginary to utmost effort and delicacy.
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