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The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone by Stephen King may just be the strangest thing I have ever read by him. Unlike all of his other novels, not the Bachman books, there is no evil guy in the narrative. This is a distinct deviation from the style which King generally adapts. In his books, there is a primary evil character who is thrust with the responsibility to drive the narrative and thus make the plot more interesting. But the lack of one in this book makes it for a different kind of read, almost bordering on the literary fiction genre.

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Melmoth the Wanderer

As the name suggests, Melmoth The Wanderer is about Melmoth, a man who trades his soul with the devil for an added 150 years to live. Using this, he travels the world, trying to tempt people into exchanging their place with him so that they get to live the extra years. Unlimited happiness and joys come to the man who switches over with Melmoth but true to little facts which are often overlooked, there is a small glitch. Though the man would get to live much more than a normal life, he is damned to eternal damnation after death.

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Joyland Picture

The latest offering from the undisputed ‘King’ of horror, Stephen King, is a crime thriller which is bound to excite all you fans out there. ‘Joyland’ is a distinctive deviation from the spine-chilling horror novels that we have to come to associate with the writer. This is more of a whodunit with a splash of the paranormal thrown in for good measure. I bet, King could not resist himself when he was writing the story. The story is narrated by twenty-one year old Devin Jones who decides to take up a job at the local amusement park to earn some extra money over the summer, and more importantly, take his mind off his sweetheart, Wendy Keegan who has just dumped him, albeit in not so many words.

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Carrie is Stephen King’s first published novel. It was actually his fourth novel which he had submitted to the publishers. It is interesting to know that the first three books found their publishers eventually though. This book is about a school girl named Carrie White. She is shown as a plain-Jane who is dealing with bullying at school and also with a fanatically religious mother. She is naïve and wears really strange clothes, upon her mother’s orders of course. And that is the primary reason why she is perceived as a weirdo at school and bullied to death all the time. There is another marked thing about Carrie – she possesses telekinetic powers. She can move things around by thinking about it. The writer makes it very believable by making references to Carrie’s condition through doctors, at a much later time as an object of research. So there is clearly a good and seamless blend of fiction and non-fiction. The story majorly focuses on how Carrie seeks revenge from all those who humiliated her at the school prom. Using her telekinetic powers, she brings everything to a gruesome end. And that is what the plot builds upto throughout the novel.

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Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel “The Bad Girl” is a masterpiece. Period. It is not only a book on unfulfilled love but much more than that. He tells us of the third world diaspora where people have lost their identity to a great extent. They move around the world in search of a better life than what is afforded to them in their own countries but are unable to find it. They lay in the comfort of a better salary, no doubt, but are nameless figures that belong to no country in particular. And this is where the novel triumphs, scoring well above its primary theme of unrequited love.

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Disgrace is a Booker Prize winning novel by J.M. Coetzee. It is the story of David Lurie and his one escapade that turned his life around. David is an almost fifty, twice-divorced university professor. He is claimed to be a womanizer who seduces one of his students, Melanie. He teaches romantic poetry at a University in Capetown, South Africa. To highlight his character as a womanizer, the writer makes references to his occasional flings with women and his regularity at this one brothel for a period of time. David is shown to be in a very lustful and carnal affair with his student, Melanie. However, it is not until long that his clandestine affair blows up in the public eyes. He pleads guilty, accepts responsibility but is then almost forced to leave his job.

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