Man of Steel

Like the Batman series, Superman too has been screaming for a makeover from quite some time now. It was a sigh of relief when Zach Snyder of 300 and Watchmen fame decided to reboot the epic tale of Superman. To add to that, Christopher Nolan was the producer as well as the co-writer of “Man of Steel.” One can so feel the influence of Nolan in this movie. Like the Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan doesn’t fail to bring in the dark extravaganza coupled with loads of special effects. Very unfortunately for the film though, Man of Steel doesn’t shine as much the Dark Knight series.

The movie starts with a scene of the birth of Superman. Soldier-statesman Jor-El and his wife Lara are having the first normal baby born in Krypton after years. It quickly moves to show the state of the dying Krypton with General Zod rebelling against the leaders in the time of crisis. Jor-El and wife Lara decide to launch their baby son, Kal-El and send him to Earth so that he survived away from all the chaos that Krypton was at that point of time. The child arrives on Earth as Clark Kent. The movie then, is narrated by the brooding and insanely handsome Clark (Henry Cavill) in flashbacks.

Russel Crowe is very convincing in his role of Superman’s Krypton father, Jor El. But my personal favourites are definitely Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as the Clarks. The scenes between the Clarks are nothing but genius breathed into the plot. Amy Adams as Superman’s love interest is anything but good. Her character is hugely disappointing and does nothing to heighten the plot. Moving on to Henry Cavill now! Cavill is one of the best Supermans that Hollywood has ever come up with. He is the true epitome of strength and portrays the emotional side of superman with utmost elan. He is undoubtedly been the best choice simply because he stands for modesty, inherent emotions and weakness and also rock-solid strength. This movie shows us that Superman or for that matter, Clark Kent has definitely moved away from being just a superhero. He is another of us and yet the savior of the world. And that my friend, is what makes “Man of Steel” worth remembering for times to come.