World War Z Poster

World War Z turns out to be much more of a movie that initial expectations. To be honest, any movie which comes out of the Hollywood bandwagon that is even remotely not based on some true story or therein, seems to be based on the single formula, “Bigger, Louder and well, more time spent at the VFX table.” But surprisingly, World War Z gives us more than that though being a zombie movie.

Brad Pitt plays the protagonist, Gerry Lane who is enlisted by a previous colleague to help in the global attempt to stop the zombie outbreak. He is given a SEAL team and asked to go to South Korea where the first zombie infestation was reported. The story takes him and us, over to Israel and finally to Cardiff where Brad Pitt, with his usual nonchalance, helps the world stave off the threat for some time and gives it some hope. A note-worthy performance by Pitt with those long blond locks of hair and the scarf wrapped around, not completely expected in a zombie flick. He plays the character of the protagonist in a reluctant manner which is refreshing to see in such a movie considering the huge plethora of directors who believe that the hero needs to be a cartoonish, swashbuckling hero who does not think twice before coming out all guns blazing. This bit of intelligent enacting tipped me in the favour of the movie as it is more on the lines of 28 Days later and 28 Weeks later and Contagion rather than the mindless Z-movies that hope shamelessly onto the screen these days.

For all the trailers that were used to promote the movie, World War Z does not rely much on special effects and gore to wrench it out of the genre, but rather focusses on the lack of it. Undoubtedly there is a good amount of VFX, but that is what was necessary. And the gore, it’s been stymied down to a handful of scenes, and in which the element if minimum. The zombies have been made faster and a bit smarter and a couple of new angles thrown in to keep the viewer interested. And it works, to some extent. A particular scene towards the end of the movie where Gerry and his troop of rag-tags must move around quietly without making even an iota of noise so as to not attract the flesh-eaters is particularly good.

All in all, a good movie and going by the numbers we are seeing on the collection board, there should be a sequel coming out soon! So if you are a Z-fan and like smart movies then this is something which you would like!