Carrie is Stephen King’s first published novel. It was actually his fourth novel which he had submitted to the publishers. It is interesting to know that the first three books found their publishers eventually though. This book is about a school girl named Carrie White. She is shown as a plain-Jane who is dealing with bullying at school and also with a fanatically religious mother. She is naïve and wears really strange clothes, upon her mother’s orders of course. And that is the primary reason why she is perceived as a weirdo at school and bullied to death all the time. There is another marked thing about Carrie – she possesses telekinetic powers. She can move things around by thinking about it. The writer makes it very believable by making references to Carrie’s condition through doctors, at a much later time as an object of research. So there is clearly a good and seamless blend of fiction and non-fiction. The story majorly focuses on how Carrie seeks revenge from all those who humiliated her at the school prom. Using her telekinetic powers, she brings everything to a gruesome end. And that is what the plot builds upto throughout the novel.

The novel gives you a hint towards the fast-approaching end which only gets heightened in the climax. One can totally imagine Carrie standing right there, all covered in blood with the fire raging in the background. The scenes are vivid and evoke the right emotion in the reader. Be it Carrie’s overtly religious mother or her vicious school mates, all of them have been portrayed with utmost detailing. Often through the novel, you feel Carrie’s pain and misfortune and wonder how one human could be so unjust to another. It stays in your mind much after you finish reading the novel. Overall, it is not something totally out of the ordinary. It is something that you can correlate with. King manages to remind you of that one schoolmate you often bullied and makes you wish you hadn’t done that.

Another thing that stands out about Carrie is that it is unlike Stephen King’s novels. It does not belong to the horror genre. I would say it is more of a psychological thriller than anything else. And the best part of course, is the way Stephen King breathes life into the story and his characters. The descriptions are so vivid that you can imagine all of it like a movie right in front of you. It is undoubtedly a good piece of writing considering it was Stephen King’s first. It surely was the first of many more to come. What works best about Carrie is that King takes a weird, twisted yet emotional plot and makes a masterpiece out of it. Only few writers can have this kind of an impact on the readers’ mind as Stephen King.