Daniel Glatteaur is back and the best part is that it’s a sequel to his previous offering “Love Virtually.” Well, how many of us have really waited for him to come up with this one? I was, for sure. The sequel is titled “Every Seventh Wave”. Like the first book, this one is also a series of email conversations between the protagonists, Leo and Emmi. These emails are often like chat messages – short and very lively. This makes the conversations quick and thereby, the book is pretty fast-paced. The plot moves quickly yet smoothly and makes up to be a very interesting read.

The book starts where the first one ended. Leo and Emmi have resumed again with their email conversations. Email after email, now, their story takes a different romantic turn. Unlike the first novel, here, the conversations are brimming with more romance and show their developing closeness. At every point of time through the book, the reader wonders if Leo and Emmi will ever shift their love saga into the real world. Or will it always remain as the often-elusive online romance. The writer manages to evoke this anxiousness in the readers with utmost elan.

It is difficult to explain how very amazing this book is – not just for its story but also for the style of writing. There is a lovely banter between Emmi and Leo which is very realistic and you simply fall in love with their characters. It feels as if you can actually experience every moment along with them and that’s really beautiful. You can feel the romance building up, the heightened sexual tension, the doubts of having a future together, the angst of not receiving replies on time and much more just as much Leo and Emmi would have.

The sequel moves a little ahead and has Emmi and Leo discussing other details of their separate lives. They go lengths to discuss their partners – Emmi’s married life, the kids and of course, Leo’s girlfriend moving in, their plans of getting married et al. All of this does bring a hiccup or two in their relationship but not for long. Their love and longing for each other makes them go through all the hindrances and eventually, getting together.

At the end of it all, I would like to make a mention of the way the translation is done – its simply beautiful. I could not imagine anything not transpiring from the German version of the book. Every Seventh Wave is undoubtedly a great read for all you romance lovers out there.