Love Virtually

The book Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer is one of the most interesting and unputdownable pieces of romance ever written. It has a perfect tagline – “Have you ever just clicked with someone?” The plot revolves around the lives of two central characters – Leo and Emmi. Leo and Emmi get to know each other through one wrong email and then a series of emails follow. The book is nothing but a compilation of their emails. It doesn’t have any other settings to enhance and ensure that the plot moves. All of it is through their emails. And that in my opinion, is the charm of the book. It sure takes a really good writer to be able to make the readers emote and connect with the story as well as Daniel does, and all through email conversations.

A lot of people may find this implausible especially the generation of today. They can probably connect with the fact that people meet via blogging, facebook and other social networking sites but through emails? Well, that may sound a tad bit far-fetched to some but sure didn’t to me. What better a chance for someone to fall in love with someone’s words! The book focuses on thing – long emails, long conversations – something that is lost in the 140 character generation.

It is almost amazing to see the power of words. Words are what make Leo and Emmi fall in love with each other. They build a new reality in their world of reality. Words made them open up inspite of being absolute strangers . Words made them dream of a life that could be. Words are what made them be themselves. Words made them transcend into a parallel world or as Emmi puts it “into an island away from your mainland life.”

Emmi is shown as a spontaneous, bubbly woman who is married and tries to be the perfect mother to her step kids. Leo, on the other hand, has been out of a relationship and finds solace in Emmi’s emails. Through and through their emails, you can sense all emotions that could be in a relationship – love, friendship, companionship, wit, charm, jealousy, growing closeness and much more. The emails are very well written and breathe life into the plot of the book. The writer has managed to add a very personal note to all these emails. Not at any point do the emails make you feel as if Leo and Emmi weren’t for real. It is very easy for anyone to get engulfed into this chain of emails and feel as though you are peeping into the lives of two real people. That is definitely a thumbs up for a first-time writer.

The book ends in a rather abrupt manner and it did disappoint me a little because of the suspense it ended with. By the time, I finished reading the book, I was pretty sure there would be a sequel – for that end; the perfect end. Whatever be the thing, I would undoubtedly recommend this book to anyone who believes in romance and loves words. Be sure you would not be disappointed.