Found footage horror movies have been done to death in recent years and it was only a while before someone went out and made a parody of it. ‘A Haunted House’ is exactly that and with less than impressive results. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are moments in the movie which are destined to make you laugh till your guts spill out but the number of such moments is too less and in-between. The effort is helmed by Marlon Wayans who has co-written the script as well acted in it. Given his prior experience with the Scary Movie franchise and the Dance Flick movies, perhaps one would expect a little better than what he has come up with but that’s my two-bit!

A Haunted House concentrates primarily on the Paranormal Activity series and a good amount of The Devil Inside and other exorcism movies thrown in for good measure. It starts with Marlon Wayans moving in with his long-time girlfriend Essence Atkins (Kisha) belittling the warnings of his friends who tell him that sex won’t be a part of the equation once the girlfriend moves in. But that soon becomes the least of Malcolm (Wayans) problems as he discovers that there are a lot of things that go bump in the night in his new place. He installs some cameras to inspire some good action in the sack but he accidentally finds that there is a spirit who has got it for his girlfriend. And worse of worse, Kisha likes it! Crikey, talk about taking kinky to a new level. But things descend from bad to worse when Malcolm himself gets violated by the spirit and kasha tells him, “You have been alter-boyed.” This is just one of the things in the movies which goes in homophobic spirit and fails to tickle the funny bone.

A lot of scenes are done to death and the humour is crass without being good. But the movie does have a few scenes which are done funnily and Wayans deserves to be given credit where it is deserved. One of the scenes which particularly stand out is the kitchen room scene where the in-house poltergeist wreaks havoc and the couple pretends not to notice all the mayhem around them.

The movie increasingly loses steam as it progresses and the climax is boringly numb. Even Cedric the Entertainer who is known for his enjoyable performances fails to save the movie as he appears as an ex-convict priest who performs an exorcism on Kisha, or rather attempts it.

One shining feature in the movie is the way in which Wayans attempts to save the movie single-handedly. He manages to get a few laughs in the process but he is crippled by the lack of actors to support him and a poor joke line! A definite watch, only if to spend that night when you can’t sleep and have burned through all other movies!