Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a satire on the events that led to the Russian revolution by George Orwell. It is a brilliant fable that can be interpreted as an analysis of historical events or as a simple animal tale. Eitherways, it is a good read that you should not miss.

Animal Farm speaks of the animals in the Manor Barn who at one point of time, decide to rebel against the oppression by the mean farmer. It starts with the Old Major putting some ideas into the heads of the other inhabitants of the farm. Though he dies three days later, the animals in the barn decide to see his dream into reality. With a lot of meticulous planning, these animals manage to get rid of the farmer and his wife and rename the barn to “Animal Farm.” A couple of pigs then assume leadership to make the farm a better place. You can correlate it with the view of having perfect and unadulterated communism where everyone works as per their capabilities and is ready to help their fellow beings. Now sadly enough, the pigs, being the laziest and also the brightest, managed to start with their own dictator rule. The other animals see no difference between the pigs and the humans any more. Its all back to square one.

What is noteworthy about Orwell here is the way and the ultimate elan with which he brings forth a subject of this seriousness in the form of an allegory. You can sense the absolute unworkability of the communist belief right from the beginning. The revolution that happened was doomed all the time even though it was firmly rooted in the optimistic belief of communism. After removing the farmer and his wife, the animals came up with what was referred to as the “Seven Commandments” to ensure the equality and prosperity of all the animals in the farm. However, things didn’t go as planned and the pigs managed to spread immense tyranny.

Orwell, if not anything else, has brought to the fore, the differences between communism and capitalism with quite some mention about the reasons of rise and fall of both. It is subtle suggestion to the idea of socialism. Of course, the book revolves around the Stalinist empire but has a deeper insight into the other societal views as well. Animal Farm will always be one of the bests in history inspite of being irrelevant to the state of the modern world.