Silent Hill Revelation is another shot at making a long-awaited decent video-game-to-movie switchover and does it succeed? Well, if you are still asking me this question, then my dear Ladies and Gentlemen, you need to pay a whole lot more attention to the title of this post. I haven’t been more angry and irritated at anything since the time in seventh grade when my girlfriend ditched me for the school jock! Well, anyway, getting back to matters at hand, the movie Silent Hill Revelation is a disaster waiting to be torn down and kicked and shoved in the face before letting it burn to death slowly.

The movie is a fresh attempt at the Silent Hill series of games which we all played and enjoyed during our adolescent years. Well, I did, more than others in my group. But that is maybe why the movie seems to be a parody of all that which fueled our visions of Silent Hill and the fires burning underneath, still. The movie starts off with the protagonist, Heather Mason changing towns as she has been doing all of her life with her father to avoid confronting the dark forces which have been chasing them. And wonder of wonders, her father’s Sean Bean. I won’t even get into that.

As if the casting wasn’t all tied up in knots, there’s more badness to come. And not the good kind of badness, as well. The character development is inadequate and the characters feel as if they have been picked up from whatever they were doing and asked to do an impromptu shoot. The director Michael J. Bassett deserves to be shot for making this movie, at the very least. Most horror movies have a central plot or theme which they try to focus on, but surprise of surprises, Silent Hill Revelation does not have any coherent resemblance to a plot. It takes a lot of things and tries to make a mash of it and well, it does succeed there. But what it does though is leave a confusing trail to follow for the audience. It’s been a full day since I saw the movie and I still haven’t got to understand who the primary villain is.

Before I leave you all with the life-saving advice to not watch the movie, here’s something else. A scene in the movie needs special mention here. Heather is trying to escape and she stumbles inside a room where Vincent is trapped, strapped on to a stretcher by leather straps. There are creatures with deformed faces, ones who resemble nurses but not the ones who give you candy after a check-up’s done, but the ones who wield butcher knives and try and slash the entails out of you. Apparently, the creatures/nurses from the dead, can only respond to sound and each sliver of noise makes them jerk their bodies in such a manner that the only thing jumping out at you is, CLEAVAGE! Random craziness which deems the director should be institutionalized and not allowed to come near a camera ever again!