Cold Feet

The third addition to her releases, Cold Feet is a bold foray into exploring the varied and complex emotions of the modern, uninhibited woman of India by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan. The writer got into the limelight much before her first novel, You are here, precisely because of her interesting blog “Compulsive Confessions.” With Cold Feet however, she makes a statement that she is here to stay.

Cold Feet is a story of five women who are based out of the “mayanagri” Mumbai. Well, they are not friends or sisters or anything of that sort.Their lives are connected in a weird sort of a manner – one person knowing the other who is friends with the landlord of another kind of thing. A pretty smart on take on the life of modern women in Indian metropolis Mumbai, Cold Feet shifts seamlessly from the story of one character to the other. The theme of the book still remains as love as was in her first novel. Looks like love and the continual pursuit of it seems to be the favourite subject of the writer. Right from a girl who is ready to tie the knot just because it seems like the most obvious and right thing to do at her age to a girl who finds the escapism from the otherwise mundane life as the only exciting thing to do to someone who derives some sort of an innate satisfaction in indulging in a socially unacceptable relationship, the plot has it all. Miss Madhavan makes no qualms about exploring subjects like lesbianism and sex unabashedly and very poignantly at that. And that I would say, is the highlight of her writing. Dealing with sensitive (at least in India) subjects like these looks like her forte.

This book is complete in all emotions that could possibly do with love. All in all, it is definitely a much more mature attempt at literature than her first. And like she says, every next book should show some growth. It would only be unfair to dismiss this one as “chick-lit.”