Into the Wild

Into the Wild is one of the few movies that take you through a gamut of emotions. It is beautiful, sad, adventurous, deep and occasionally funny. Based on a real-life novel, the movie is directed by one of the stalwarts of Hollywood cinema, Sean Penn. The mystical yet magical touch which the audience has come to see in Penn’s acting transcends into his directorial venture as well and there is an honesty with which he progresses with his work.

The movie follows young Chris McCandless who graduates from Emory University in the toddler stages of the film. He is smitten aloud by the works of Byron, Jack London and Thoreau and aims to follow in their steps of leading a nomadic existence accentuated of course, to fit the realms of a modern day world. He strives to make the journey as realistically inane as possible and therefore, burns all the money he has and cuts off all his cards, thereby leaving no trace of material pursuits on him. What happens to him is a roller-coaster of a ride, involving umpteen instances of heart-rending scenes, aptly directed by Sean Penn. The movie culminates in the death of the protagonist which is one of the most touching scenes in modern cinema. Couple this with beautiful montage like shots of the stark Alaskan scenery and you have a masterpiece worth watching a million times. And lastly, anyone and everyone who watches the movie can wistfully say that they have encountered the characters Chris meets on his journey. A piece of art in itself.