Trust Stephen King to have the grit to take a subject as debated as the assassination of JFK and turn it on its head in the manner he has done. For all we know, King could probably write a book about watching wet paint dry and it would be a best-seller. But do not be fooled, for Stephen King’s latest offering 11/22/63 is much more than that. King has taken the most debated subject in the last century, JFK’s assassination and turned into an alternative version of reality and how we perceive it.

11/22/63 is a novel about Jake Epping, a high school teacher in Maine, who accidentally discovers a time travel portal hidden in the back room of his favorite local deli. As incredible as that may sound, King has made it plausible in his 800+ page tome.

Jake Epping, himself, is not convinced by the incredulity of it all but he forays through to the other side nevertheless. He tests his powers on a man, in 1958, who would be responsible for murdering his entire family and in turn make an orphan and a decapitated individual of Jake’s school janitor. He succeeds and comes back in order to go back again. For there is a small catch here with the time travel portal. For every time, you go through the door into the other world; you can land on your feet only in 1958. As a result, Jake has to come back and start again if he has to prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from killing Kennedy and make the world a better place to live in. But there are enough complexities in the process of time travelling, alas, if only it was that easy! He heads over to Texas to prepare for the inevitable and takes up a teaching job at a rural high school outside Dallas. There, he falls in love with the librarian Sadie and experiences the strong forces at work which do not want the past to be altered.

King presents to us his extreme love for the 50s where life was a whole lot simpler. Things were cheaper, life was happier and there was less danger than a 21st century dweller could ever imagine. Couple this with the starkly different setting of what took place on 11/22/63 and I’m ready to worship King.

Well, there’s one thing I would never change if I could go back in time and that is prevent King from writing this masterpiece!